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In Melbourne on February 11, 2010 at 11:41 am
Ross Coulter
Seventh Gallery, 3–20 February 2010

Ross Coulter, 'Prelude', Seventh Gallery, 2010

Dear Evan

Viewing and reviewing the work of friends can be a fraught experience. I found this out when I read your novel a couple of weeks ago and was hyper aware of the care with which I wrote my response. Today I find myself in a similar position as Rose has asked that I kick off this Artpals relationship with a review of my old friend Ross Coulter’s latest show at Seventh Gallery.

The reason I say that the task is fraught is not that I feared the work would be dreadful (it wasn’t!) and that I may have had to weigh truth against friendship when I wrote about it, rather it’s because in both circumstances I am in the odd position of having prior or other knowledge than a regular punter would and this surfeit of knowledge is tangled up for me with the pull of narrative and the experience of experiencing other people as narratives.

In many ways that is what both you and Ross are for me – memories of things we’ve done together and the stories you have told me over the years. And though I know some pretty juicy details about you both, I’m equally aware that there are billions of events that make up your life of which I’m unaware and I’m not sure what roles these stories (whether known to me or not) might play in your work, other than the ones my inherent propensity to narrativise everything create. Read the rest of this entry »