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The Aesthetics of Joy – The Infinite International of Poetics

In Melbourne on February 9, 2010 at 1:38 pm
Presented by The Office of Utopic Procedures, Curated by Bernhard Sachs and Brad Haylock, West Space, 29th January – 13th February 2010

Lizzy Newman, 'Untitled', 2009

Dear Rose,

If you have had the chance to see one, then I think you may have noticed that there’s nothing conceptually simple or straightforward about a Bernhard Sachs curated project, although he would probably say different. And the 4th and latest incarnation from The Office of Utopic Procedures, co-curated by Brad Haylock, is no exception.

The Office of Utopic Procedures started in the usual way as an exhibition title for the first project in 2001, also at West Space. It’s since become the moniker for a group operating in and out of institutions and galleries and soon to be mobilizing annual exhibitions, events and performances, publicised through its very own website. Office more broadly explores the theoretical and aesthetic chirality within concepts, beginning with Utopia, following with Dystopia (in ENDGAME Late Capitalist Realism at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery in 2006), and now in its latest incarnation, ‘joy’. What, you may well ask, will be next? Personally I’m hoping for ‘despair’. Read the rest of this entry »